Een Engels gedicht over veganisme


Ik wilde dit gedicht heel graag met jullie delen. Ik heb het niet zelf geschreven, alle eer gaat naar Aaron van de vegan Amino. Ik zal er niet veel meer over zeggen, de woorden zeggen genoeg.

The world is really changing,
Your kind won’t suffer soon,
Hold your head up high,
When you walk into that room,

Please don’t let your life,
Flash before your eyes,
You don’t deserve to live through,
all that sadness twice,

I promise there’s a bunch of us,
Putting up a fight,
I promise there’s a bunch of us,
Crying when you cry,

We can’t be evil when they eat you,
It’s pointless being cruel,
Because then we’re equal to the people,
Who are cruel to you,

And we were also them,
Once upon a time,
Hence we must be humble,
And we have to sympathize,

We won’t raise our fists,
We want to educate their minds,
So I’m sorry but this struggle,
Might just take a little time,

Dream on my little dreamer,
We will make your dream come true,
It just hurts my heart to say,
It wont be including you,

Sometimes I wish for heaven,
Just so you can see your friends,
You can run and jump through fields,
Until your heart’s content,

I don’t need to read your mind,
To know you want to live,
Or that you share with us this notion,
That we’ll die just for our kids,

That’s enough for me to try,
And find another way,
To feed myself and stay strong,
Without you on my plate,

The supermarket now sells,
All the beans and veg,
Which replicate the wonders,
That exist inside your flesh,

Don’t listen to the hopeless,
Preaching hope is nowhere near,
We are the revolution,
I smell victory in the air,

Let me thank you for the past,
For keeping us all fed,
Let me thank you for today,
On behalf of the misled,

Who still believe they need to,
Cut you into pieces,
Ignoring every reason,
To pave your way to freedom,

Until then,
Let this poem fill your head,
Let us vision when this ends,
And commemorate the dead,

Now I’ll say goodbye,
Please dont close your eyes,
Don’t look back on life,
You don’t deserve that sadness twice.

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